Lost Love

Writing this is asking to one visiting a cemetery, it does nothing for the deceased but wonders for the grieving….and yes I am grieving.

Last night, while gazing in the sky..I saw this shimmering light shoot across the heavens as if it was beckoning me..” listen to your heart”, well, as you know, “my heart speaks only of you”. So this heavy heart needs to know where I’ve gone wrong..for me to lose your love, a love that’s been impounded in my very soul..I cannot forgive myself.

I know you deserved better than me, but no one has cared for you as much as I have. I still believe, deep within your heart, you know I am a good man. I can still hear the echoes in my soul as your soft and soothing voice whispers, “I love you too,”. That is what I hold on to….I know there is something very special about you and your heart. Maybe some day you’ll listen to my mine..

Until then..farewell my love farewell, and remember…you are in my thoughts.. This has been wonderful visit…it’s been good for my heart.

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