Alone in my thoughts

When all the noise of the busy world grows silent, no lights to be seen for miles around, that is the time when im shaken up the most. because i am alone and i know the thoughts in my head have no distractions, they’ll start running wild and then i’ll think of you.
i’ll wonder if you miss me the way im missing you, or did time take its toll, are you used to being without me? do you use the distractions of the world, like me, to keep all the things about us off your mind? Do you still love me the same way you did, has distance made it stonger or did it fade away with time?
I think about our happy times the mid day walks, the late nigh talks, the way we smiled the way we frowned and how every argument ended in a laugh. we were bonded at the seems seems that couldn’t be torn by anything, at least not for me.

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