I Remember Your Love

The night air cools as the sunsets, and all I can think about is the love we once shared. The red sky reminds me of how beautiful you are, standing in the mist of the sunset. Your hair blowing in the wind, your eyes shining with the stars to come. I remember the times… walking hand in hand

Now that You are Gone

I never said I love you. I should have, now I know. All along I thought I might lose you if I did. So, I kept it to myself. Now you are gone anyway and I realize that I never had anything to lose. So here goes, “I love you”. I made a mistake when I treated you the way I did. But, if you real

To the most amazing man I have ever known

Never have I found someone this amazing, this sweet, this nice. You keep me going, you make me happy, you are my world. When we started dating it was bliss, but not reality. Now, after everything we’ve been through so much, it is the best and most wonderful time of my life. It is difficult

Open Letter to someone I Love

hi! its been a long time now since the first time we met but i never ever failed to remember how a wrong place in a wrong time would end up a perfect love like what i have with you. i didn’t expect that it is through me that your seemed-to-be-wrong-ways would straighten up like the way you

Happy Birthday

For my sweetheart..you deserve to have a really wonderful birthday.. thanks for all the gentle touches, tender moments, loving hugs, the “little” things you always do for me… until the magic moment that you came into my life, I didn’t know how happy I could be! You’r

I Love You

You are such an important part of me, such a precious part of my life, and yet its hard to convey the depth of my love… Its difficult to express the changes you have made in me and the meaning, you have added to my life, Words do not do justice to my emotions when I want you, need you, and

Thank You

For You (I am Wondering) – smile! You came into my life unexpectedly. I was not looking for you or you me, but fate threw us together at a time when our lives were in turmoil. We found together a common ground; a connection, which we both felt was made as if it had been destined. We do not

Goodbye My love

My Darling, I still love you more than life itself even though I have not seen your beautiful face or felt your soft touch. How I ache for that wonderful touch, for never again will I feel so alive or warm and secure as I did when we were together and you were holding me. When you looked at me w

Romantic Love Letters

Love Letters that are full of Roamnce “Your lips speak soft sweetness, Your touch a cool caress, I am lost in your magic, My heart beats within your chest, I think of you each morning, And dream of you each night, I think of your arms being around me, And cannot express my delight, Never h

Love Letters for Boyfriend

These are some sample romnntic love letters which can be sent to boyfriends Dave, Thank you. You have taught me what love is. Love is trusting, accepting and believing, unconditionally. My love craves expression through joy, through holding you in my arms, through laughing together and even c