Beautiful Love Letters

Copule of beautiful love letters to your beloved Letter 1 My Sweet Darling, Darling, I am mad about thee. Thou art gifted everything a goddess should have owned. I love thy twinkling eyes in which reflected the envying faces of the stars. I desire thy kiss by which thy dazzling lips touch on min

War love letters

Here are some collected love letters from World War 12/9/44 My darling Wife, I’m sitting on the fantail writing this honey and we are all anchored.  Although we aren’t underway, I still can’t say where we are.  There is nothing that reminds me of home here, although I can see

Lost Love

Writing this is asking to one visiting a cemetery, it does nothing for the deceased but wonders for the grieving….and yes I am grieving. Last night, while gazing in the sky..I saw this shimmering light shoot across the heavens as if it was beckoning me..” listen to your heart”,

I Dream of You

Love… what a wonderful curse. It can be the bringer or destruction of happiness. Without you here, I fail to realize that days pass. Time is nothing to me as I look up at the stars yearning for your presence. I could never forget the love we had. My memories are the only things that keep m

I Remember Your Love

The night air cools as the sunsets, and all I can think about is the love we once shared. The red sky reminds me of how beautiful you are, standing in the mist of the sunset. Your hair blowing in the wind, your eyes shining with the stars to come. I remember the times… walking hand in hand

Now that You are Gone

I never said I love you. I should have, now I know. All along I thought I might lose you if I did. So, I kept it to myself. Now you are gone anyway and I realize that I never had anything to lose. So here goes, “I love you”. I made a mistake when I treated you the way I did. But, if you real

Open Letter to someone I Love

hi! its been a long time now since the first time we met but i never ever failed to remember how a wrong place in a wrong time would end up a perfect love like what i have with you. i didn’t expect that it is through me that your seemed-to-be-wrong-ways would straighten up like the way you